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Blog hop from Noget Uldent

A few weeks ago, I was asked to participate in a blog hop by the lovely Pia, so here are 4 questions that have my (feeble) answers!

1) what am I working on?

I am currently; trying to finish a baby dress I started October 2013, finish a dishcloth I started 2 months ago, using Pia’s lovely pattern, and ignoring the knitted arunami shawl that is just 5 shells away from being finished, and the growing pile of blanket squares that need to be sewn together!



IMG_0330 IMAG0661

2)How does my work differ from others of its genre?

hmm… it has more holes? more mistakes and repairs, plenty of bodges and a fair amount of plodding away on projects for absolute zonks.


3)Why do I write/create what I do?

I knit because I adore colour and texture and the process of making a fabric from a string of yarn.  It blows my mind! I love how the colours can evoke moods, finding the right pattern makes a yarn sing (or cry if it’s wrong), and I have a reasonably useful item that I can squish and cuddle at the end.

4) How does my writing/creative process work?

I pick a project generally by size, and yarn squishiness.  Though I’ve been on the baby run recently as my friends seem to be at that point in their lives.

So there you go, those are my most awesome answers!  Next I tag the lovely Anna over at



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final twittercism of the series

Have you enjoyed this series?  Shall I do another?  Do let me know in the comments below.








some are from Emma – @EngagingEmma some are from Pete@LessonToolbox and others I can’t remember, but all from my twitterfeed – none I claim credit for.

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let’s get nosy! – guest blogger Sarah, The Gingerbread Bunny

Like me Sarah has been chosen to review WI yarn for Hobbycraft so I thought we ought to get to know her just that little bit better:

Sarah does her best Dr Dolittle impression by leading an Alpaca around an obstacle course, before the Toft Alpaca Open Day starts in earnest!

Sarah does her best Dr Dolittle impression by leading an Alpaca around an obstacle course, before the Toft Alpaca Open Day starts in earnest! – But of course!

Favourite place to create –

I love to crochet on the couch at home, wrapped up in a blanket (crocheted of course!)

Proudest moment –

Getting a distinction in my level 1 City and Guilds in Creative Textiles

Favourite medium to create with –

Yarn – I love the way that you can turn a long string of yarn into just about anything be it a flat 2d item or a big 3d object like a bag. 

First ever creation –

That would have been as a child – probably a painting.  I do remember making a glove teddy for my mum when I was very young.  I think she still has it somewhere.

Dress up, or dress down?

Dress down.  I like to dress up occasionally but it’s just so much effort.  I’m a leggings, dress and boots kind of a girl.

Christmas or birthday?

I love both but it has got to be Christmas.  It’s such a magical time of year and I love all the preparation.  There is lots of craft and creating to be done and I just adore it.

Fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction – unless it’s a craft book.

Spender or saver?

I would love to say saver but I am definitely a spender. 

Favourite author

I have so many favourite authors and it changes all the time.  At the moment I love Jasper Fforde and his Thursday next series – I’m working my way through them all.

Best musical memory

This is the trickiest question – I love music so have lots of special musical memories.  The best one is probably my first dance song at my wedding which was Happy Together.

Favourite smell –

Rose.  I have rose incense sticks, perfume and body spray.  It’s such a beautiful scent.

Past, present or future?

Present – I’m really aware of living in the here and now and always aim to. 

What would your superpower be?

Crochet – I’d be known for my ability to crochet super quickly.  I’d encase evil masterminds in crochet blankets.

Top tip?

Always, always, always weave in the ends of your granny squares as you go along.  there is nothing worse than a pile of 200 squares needing their ends weaving in.



Crocheter, felter, teacher and all round lover of anything crafty.  I’m Sarah AKA The Gingerbread Bunny.  I live in the north-west of England with my husband, 4 rabbits, 5 guinea pigs, 3 Giant African land snails and hamster.  I love to create and to teach others how to find their inner crafty self.

You can follow my exploits on my blog –


Thanks Sarah!  What a gal you are!  PS can I have your owl gloves? … Just wonderin’ … *pout*