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So here is my bucket list.  I’ve started ticking them off (and getting rid – it started with 110) since 2008/9

    1. Have Ice skating lessons April 2010
    2. Go snorkelling
    3. Make sushi (not for beloved)
    4. Ice skate in Central Park
    5. Get a PhD
    6. Climb Ben Nevis
    7. Be proposed to in an impossibly romantic way November 2010
    8. Learn to budget within my salary  Academic year 2009/2010
    9. Have my photo taken by a state border sign of every state of America
    10. Go on a narrowboat holiday
    11. Walk the Great Wall of China and take a video diary
    12. Go on a political demonstration June and November 2011 pensions strike
    13. Have a ride in a helicopter
    14. Write a novel
    15. Own a tricycle and use it regularly Bought Jan 2012
    16. Go on a cruise
    17. Have a ride in a hot air balloon  June 2011
    18. Learn how to take good photos
    19. Go to a theme park    August 2010
    20. Attend the Opera
    21. Craft/Knit/Handmake all gifts
    22. Plant a beautiful garden
    23. Watch the snooker live at the Crucible
    24. Learn Italian
    25. go on a driving holiday around Britain with no planned stops and see where the wind blows me
    26. Learn to crochet (from a pattern) June 2010
    27. Write a cookery book of original recipes
    28. Move in with Simon   August 2010
    29. Learn Spanish
    30. Go to a Christmas Market abroad
    31. Hit the middle target in Archery
    32. Visit the textile markets of Hong Kong
    33. Visit Helsinki
    34. Design and maintain an allotment part of my garden
    35. Learn to rollerblade
    36. Go on a caravan holiday
    37. Make a website
    38. Visit the Nordic countries
    39. Go Skiing for the après-ski
    40. Knit at least one pattern from all the books/magazines I own
    41. Learn how to draw and paint
    42. Get married in my dream ceremony 22 July 2012
    43. Read every book that I own
    44. Have a Spa Day April 2007, April 2012
    45. Attend Chelsea Flower Show
    46. Eat ice-cream and pizza in Rome
    47. Lower my BMI to “Healthy”
    48. Gather an impressive apron selection  July 2012
    49. Get my colours done
    50. Ride an Elephant
    51. Try Horse riding
    52. Own a Raeburn/Aga
    53. Try Clay Pigeon Shooting
    54. Fly over Table Mountain
    55. Make a patchwork quilt
    56. Cook every Nigella recipe from the books I own (that don’t include an ingredient I am/Simon is allergic to)
    57. Do the Inca Trail and take a video diary
    58. Regularly sing in a choir
    59. Start dress-making
    60. Declutter in every avenue (books, cds, handbags, videos, clothes, email/internet accounts) Nov 2009July 2010
    61. Learn about car maintenance/emergency car maintenance
    62. Start a vinyl collection Nov 2009
    63. Have a fondue party  October 2012
    64. Write a knitting pattern
    65. Try jet-skiing
    66. Pay off debts personal debts cleared December 2015
    67. Cut up credit cards February 2013
    68. Go Quadbiking
    69. Learn Aromatherapy
    70. Have my own textile workroom that is light and airy with loads of work space and storage  I have the Making shed!  Just need some storage and maybe to paint the interior white… December 2011
    71. Drive from Coast to Coast of America
    72. Go on a Yoga retreat
    73. Go paintballing
    74. Own mainly dresses, cardigans and boots in my wardrobe.

8 thoughts on “bucket list

  1. I’m so glad to see someone else who has a BIG bucket list! And I just spotted one on your list that I want to add to mine – own only hand-knitted socks!!! I’ve made myself 5 pair so far, and I love the way they feel on and I love how wonderful they look even just sitting in my drawer!!! Good Luck on your list.

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  3. When you decide to make a move on #38 let me know. I can show you the wonder that is Copenhagen or the delight that is the island of Bornholm

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