not your average zoe

life, love and knitting

all about me

Make me happy with: fabric, yarn, knitting, my beloved, tea, vinyl records, anything rabbit-orientated, the colour yellow, flowers, bargain hunting, teaching 4-5yr olds, the 1950s, Jersey, my mum’s cottage pie, retro furniture, Kirstie Allsop, tricycling, yarn, cider, Florence and the Machines, France, blankets (preferrably handmade), Ellie Goulding, contributing to my composter, the colour green, candles, the New Forest, knitting (it’s very important to me), my garden, time to read, cuddles, coffee, baking, Kuminho braids, talking about my wedding, a roast dinner, recycling, cava, the Puppini Sister’s, vintage, anything christmassy, Nigella Lawson, knitting (did I mention that?), Talinn, Nerina Pallot,


Make me sad by: feeding me egg white or chocolate,  reminding me of my budget, being rude, raining on my parade, warning lights going on in my car, being in debt,

I wish I could: crochet from a pattern, save money, find clothes that fit in charity shops,  create more hours in a day, be a healthy weight, redecorate my house, start growing fruit and vegetables in my own backgarden, have more rabbits, start a rabbit rescue,

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Please do comment and let me know how I’m doing and most importantly:

Welcome along!


8 thoughts on “all about me

  1. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog and think it’s fab! Just out of curiosity, what are Kuminho braids? They sound interesting! Also, I love the blanket pictured in your banner, did you make it? I’ve always wanted to make a blanket like that but haven’t quite figured out how yet. Hope you’re well, Amy x

    • Thanks for the sweet comments! I did make the blanket – it’s a huge granny square of all the DK I could find! Kuminho braids are japanese flat braids make on a square plate or circular plate for a cylindrical braid. Much fun as you just pass threads from one side to the other! Keep reading! Xxx

  2. Have always wanted to make one of these blankets – now I know what it´s called I can look up how to do it! A good winter project for me – it´s still too hot to be working with wool here in Spain at the moment…

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  4. I think your blog is Super Sweet so I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging award. Click on the link for instructions. Congratulations!!!

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