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Summer 2014 Week 1 in photos



Bunny and I have been melting in the heat.


I’ve made sooooo many handmade cards.





Plus I’ve been making other bits and bobs crafty style including the dreaded loom bands and these:


There have been some dates:



Husband and I went out for afternoon tea to celebrate being married for 2 years.  TWO YEARS! Time is whizzzzzzing!


Been making a point of meeting my friends for coffee (dairy free), iced tea etc.  I am fighting my urges to be a hermit.



but sometimes a quiet soya milk coffee with a book or a bit of knitting in my own back garden is what I crave and give into.



Meet Larry the lifesaver airconditioner unit.  We used the last of our savings (after rectifying the damp/water ingress in the hall, having a new front door fitted and replacing the destroyed fence) to invest in this amazing piece of technology.  Husband and I are both melters so this was super amazing and makes us both able to sleep.  I have rationalised it that we will look after it and keep it for YEARS in order to justify the expense.


Can you see the bruise on my hand under the ring and little finger near the wrist?  Yeah they couldn’t find any veins when I went for my procedures on Thursday.  It hurts.  Husband occasionally hilariously mentions that if I ever do get pregnant how will I cope with giving birth?  Oh. How. I. Laugh.


I am now dairy free and experimenting (with soya produce) for the first time in my life.

Above is a breakfast smoothie of Soya milk, Vanilla Soya dessert, Pineapple, Pineapple juice, frozen banana and a nectarine #nomnom.


Then we have frozen blueberries, soya milk, soya mango yogurt, banana, nectarine, pineapples #moreplease.

Also I have been trying to make salads more exciting than lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber…zzzz


This example is orange pepper, baby plum tomatoes, red grapes, babycorn, spinach and was then topped with homemade potato salad.



There has been much knitting.







and I’ve read 2 books, and organised some Christmas presents.

Oh summer you are being kind and I hope that there is so much more to come!


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2 thoughts on “Summer 2014 Week 1 in photos

  1. Sounds like your summer has been wonderful so far.

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