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a 5 minute lesson plan for Primary Schools


After falling in love with the concept of the lesson plan that takes a mere 5 minute to complete (when you are teaching 3 sessions with multiple activities a day and each day seems to take you about an hour to plan) I thought I’d try one Zoestyle.

Admittedly the plan took me wa-hey longer than 5 minutes, but I reckon with regular use they really could be a speedy, responsive method to plan – as long as extra activities were added to the back and you kept adding and editing to suit you and your own style.



As you can tell – I love a good bit of colour coding – I’m a very visual learner!

Thanks to Ross who is the Champion of quality teaching, with minimal fuss!

Follow him on twitter – @teachertoolkit and let him know you saw it here first!


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3 thoughts on “a 5 minute lesson plan for Primary Schools

  1. Good job! From the photo, you are writing FAR TOO MUCH! Save the text for your head and use key words as prompts in each area. Focus on learning; not the detail.

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