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a month of random acts of kindness


Since Easter I have been trying to carry out as many random acts of kindness as I possibly could.  Small gestures that might make things a little better/lighter/happier/easier for other people.  Then I thought it might be nice to share them here as I always used to think they had to be grand gestures like all-expenses paid trips to Disneyland Florida for a dying child and their family of 5 which would be totally out of my reach.  Whilst those have their place, I’m hoping that you’ll appreciate that I’m trying to make these tokens of generosity a daily contribution to making my corner of society a nicer place to be.

My acts:

  • 3 doors held open for others
  • 10 cars let in front of me
  • 1 car park ticket passed on with 45 minutes left to run
  • countless smiles to strangers
  • a “thank you” to every cashier, barista and waiter/waitress
  • 2 charity shop bags donated
  • 1 session of listening to a worried teacher talking about an ambiguous lesson observation feedback session
  • 1 reassurance session that a different year group may be a new love for said teacher
  • 1 random buying of a lunch meal deal for the stranger behind me in the queue (the cashier was more confused than anyone else)
  • taken 2 bin liners of yarn from people who gave them to me unwanted, to knitting group (where they were devoured!)
  • 1 welcome to a newcomer at yoga who looked like they might leave before trying it out
  • 2 hours staying after school to sort out an unloved classroom in secret whilst the Reception Team panicked about the outside area prior to an interim Ofsted Inspection.
  • taken 14 read, reread, loved and unwanted magazines to the Dentist and Doctors waiting rooms so other people can read and enjoy them.
  • 1 convincing a child she is not naturally incapable, nor bad and that I believe in her ability to try
  • 12 threepence worth of advice given re teaching ideas and interviews via twitter and the @twinkl stream.
  • 2 bags of shopping carried to help a neighbour from her car to her house
  • 3 pieces of litter picked up from the street
  • 1 loan of a book to a friend
  • 1 share bag of crisps taken to a BBQ
  • 1 thank you card made and given to hosts of BBQ
  • 1 bunch of flowers for a friend who gave me invaluable help with a a complicated morale zapping form
  • 1 hug for a stranger who said no one ever hugged her anymore when stepson demanded cuddles from husband and I.  She cried.

Acts I have Received:

  • texts from my family checking I am ok, filled with love
  • a ball of yarn from my niece (4yrs old – and insistent that I had it).
  • husband waking me at 2 am to tell me I am beautiful.
  • mother-in-law buying me a bunch of orange Gerberas as “they are smile inducing like you”
  • stepson getting cross with mother-in-law when alluding to me not being a parent, “I’m hers ain’t I?” (I’ve been with husband since stepson was 4months old, and I wasn’t a homewrecker by the way – she left at 2 months pregnant…).
  • best friend telling me to come over for coffee after work, making me a cappuccino and a fresh choux pastry with whipped cream to celebrate seeing each other on a Monday.
  • husband taking photos of my favourite flowers in the garden because “they make you do the jumpy clappy smiley dance.”  True.
  • a child at school calling me “the best teaching in my life” (aged 4).
  • stepson making me a latte and adopting my nickname of “Captain Coffee”
  • Hobbycraft picking me to review their exclusive WI yarn on this here blog!!

I think there have been many more given and received, these are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head – but wow – what a wonderful life we live!

So what random act of kindness can you do today? Do let me know here in the comments, or tweet me with the username @noturaveragezoe


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3 thoughts on “a month of random acts of kindness

  1. Hello 🙂 I really loved reading your blog posts and love your writing style so have followed your page so I can read more! I’m quite new to blogging and would love it if you could check out my page and possibly give me a follow? Thanks xxx

  2. Zoë, this list made me giggle then cry then smile through my tears. everything from stepson defending you to lady crying at hug was awesome (and I mean that in the traditional sense of the word).
    I spent some time helping a friend with something she just doesn’t get today and I think she may actually get it now! It was such a nice feeling. Then she gave right back to me by getting us lunch, so we spent some time just relaxing and having a great girltalk. I really needed that.

  3. I love that! The simple things eh?

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