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Exciting news – yarny goodness

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Guess what my lovelies?

I got picked by Hobbycraft as one of only 3 craft bloggers to review their new exclusive Women’s Institute Yarn!

The Women's Institute Wool & Yarn

Totally squee-worthy huh?

I just can’t wait to get started, much staring at the letterbox has happened.  This has not meant a delivery has arrived.

I will (bien sur!) keep you posted!

As you can see from the photo, it’s currently 3balls for the price of 2, and you donate to the WI with every skein.

Oh and don’t forget, if you go through the nectar e-shop website, you will get nectar points on any purchase.

All in all, it would be rude not to really…

Photo care of Hobbycraft, hyperlink takes you to the Hobbycraft web page where you can peruse their stock.  I claim no rights to any of the images, and I am not being paid for this preview, nor any forthcoming reviews.


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