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Meet Joe Brown

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I think if I had to pick one high street designer to wear forever, it would be Joe Brown.

The fact that he designs for bigger ladies too is an amazing bonus.

Marisota recently sent me a catalogue of temptations of just Joe Brown pieces (well done Marisota marketing people).  Here are some of my favourites, in no particular order.  Click on the image to head over and purchase.  No, I am not on commision – I wish!

Joe Browns Floral Parka Style Mac


Funky Floral Mac – £50


Joe browns Tropical Crinkle Tunic

Tropical Crinkle Tunic – £35

Joe Browns Twit Twoo Retro Tunic

Twit Twoo Retro Dress – £30


Joe Browns San Pietro Dress

Hugely popular and starting to get low in stock San Pieto Dress – £45


Joe Browns Marvellous Floral Maxi Dress


Floral Maxi Dress – £45


Joe Browns Hit The Beach Tunic

Hit the Beach Tunic – £35


Joe Browns Days Gone By Dress


Days Gone By Dress – £45


You must be sure that you are on the uk site, as the items aren’t on the American one!  Also Nectar customers can earn points using the Marisota website if you go through the nectar eshops site.


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