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target display idea for Infant schools

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Ofsted like the small people to know what level they are, and what they are aiming for.

I’ve always found this a difficult thing to do as it’s quite a concept for 4-7 (and older) year olds to get their heads around.

Most children are love the colour coding of reading levels and know what they are aiming for there, it’s Literacy and Maths that thwarts them!

At an Infant school I visited recently they used these displays for maths which I loved using amazing for level “a”, brilliant for level “b”, and cool for level “c”, instead of 1a, 1b, 1c etc.  Next to each level is the criteria which the children have in their books and tick off when they achieve them – and when they get so excited about moving to the next star “I was cool, now I’m brilliant!”




What do you do for your targets?


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