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my lent 2014


Last year I embarked upon a scheme.  I made it up myself.  I was pretty proud and it worked really well.

Last May/June I gave up:

  • crisps
  • sweets
  • biscuits
  • and bread

I went cold turkey and didn’t miss them at all.  I just stopped eating one thing, one week at a time.  Then added the next thing the next week thinking I already gave up … and that was no sweat!

I started this new system:

giving up lent image

because I had given up on myself so many times before.  It had to stop.

It turned out that this experiment has been so successful I have pretty much not had any of the above since then.


Unfortunately I seem to have made up for this with alternate food stuffs as my weight has not really changed down as I had hoped.

Lent is intended to be a time when people reconsider their personal values and faith.  A time when people rededicate themselves to their faith, or sacrifice in the same vein as Jesus did when he went into the wilderness.  It is my decision not to sacrifice, but to try and revitalise.  I am going to try to make my body something to be happy with and value in honour of this one life we get to live.

So for Lent I intend to give up the following week by week:

  1. eating in the car
  2. fizzy drinks
  3. pastry
  4. snacks
  5. ice cream
  6. fried foods (eating out/take aways)

So who’s going to join me? Let’s give up giving up!

Author: Zoe

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2 thoughts on “my lent 2014

  1. I hope you have a blessed lent dear.

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