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let’s get nosy – guest blogger Heather McAvan

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Heather is one of the glorious minds behind and her personal site is here

She is one of my favourite twitter-wittererers [@twinklresources] and has honoured me with answering some of my let’s get nosy questions – let’s find out more about Heather!

Favourite place to create – downstairs in my kitchen I have somehow wrangled some space and call it “my office”. It is right at the front of house and I have a beautiful silk blind I can pull down in case the sun gets in my eyes!

Proudest moment – when I gave birth with no pain relief.

Favourite medium to create with – my brain! I love to write, and my ideas come from within.

First ever creation – my blog! It might not look creative, but I spent a long time sorting it out and making it look as beautiful as possible. [it looks creative to me – we celebrate ALL creativity here!]

Dress up, or dress down? Dress up. I work from home so relish any chance to put a frock on. Even a visit to the soft play centre is an exciting outing for me! [me too…]

Christmas or birthday? Birthday. I don’t like buying presents en masse for everyone!

Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction. Anything with gentlemen and ladies, or with “scandal” that would be perfectly normal behaviour today! LOL!

Spender or saver? Kind of both. I like splurging on nice stuff but prefer saving on the every day, if that makes sense.

Favourite author? Most definitely Anne Bronte.

Thanks Heather!

So if you drop by her website or start to witter on twitter with her then please let her know you came via me… sorta…


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