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declutter december – day 11, books

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The gorgeous Pia (my trusted simple living guide) has written this easy guide to today’s decluttering task – sorting out a valued and valuable commodity – books.

Zoë’s decluttering assignment for today sounds like this:

books – will you read it?  will you read it again? is there anyone you know who would like to read it?
This one is close to my heart and while I don’t have any books to get rid off today I would like to dwell for a minute or two on the topic. 
I used to own a lot of books. I still own a lot of books, but way fewer than before I started this journey. At one point I made a big purge, and donated 89 books just that day. But since then I have adopted a new system, which really works for me. 
Every time I finish reading a book, I put it away in a drawer and every time I go to see a certain friend of mine I look in that drawer and bring her any books that is in there. 
This is a win-win situation: I get rid of the book – she gains a book. I’m happy – she is happy. should I want to read it again I can a) borrow it from her since she doesn’t part with books or b) get it from the library. And I know there are not a lot of fiction that I want to read more than once anyway. 
So go over your books today, asking the questions Zoë provided and then continue to ask yourself the last two every time to finish reading a book from now on.    
Thanks Pia!  
This is cross posted from Pia’s own blog – which is not only inspirational, but clear and compelling too!

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