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Long term readers will know that I have had an interesting year that has involved a few ups and lots of downs, mainly due to my depression dips.

October saw me starting to really feel better after (yet another) crisis in self-esteem, and it was the first time since honeymoon in August 2012 that I felt a little smilier.

November is a good month for me.  Today is the anniversary of the day I met now hubby/soulmate/bestfriend – 6years ago – that boy got stamina.  It’s also the month that he propsed, the month I bought my flat, the month I decided to become a teacher and the month of fireworks.  It all adds up to a good month to me.



So suddenly during halfterm I decided to make November – Zovember!  I’m going to do something positive towards making me healthy in heart, soul, spirit, mind and body everyday, and hopefully after 30days there will be some good habit s made.  If it’s successful I’ll make Zovember an annual event!

So step 1 – I joined the local leisure centre on a 6weeks for £39 deal – all inclusive – gym, swimming pool, sauna and steam room, fitness classes and discounted courts for badminton (love!) etc.  Today I had my gym induction (I just wrote dim induction – freudian?) and booked my first Yoga class in 10 years for Tuesday.

step 2 – build up blog potential. created twitter account @noturaveragezoe and offered to donate £50 to macmillan cancer charity if I got to 50 followers by 5 November.  I made it to 140!  I made  £50 donation which made me feel happy as I am helping a great cause, and I wanted to do their big coffee morning and hadn’t been able to.

step 3 – build in time to read mind developing material everyday for 10minutes.

step 4 – tracking my finances.

step 5 – saying yes to different work assignments.

step 6 – we are making shoeboxes for operation christmas child at the weekend with stepson.

Welcome to Zovember.  I’m so pleased to be here with you.


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