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6yr old stepson to English (UK) translations

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Some of these originated when he was much littler, but as we are indulgent parents we have adopted them into the language of our bubble, after telling him real versions.

Warning!  These are undeniably cute!

hairplain = aeroplane

serv-a-tree = conservatory

hair-con-dish-na = air conditioning

cotton tail snacks = prawn cocktail flavour crisps

doned = finished.

for-a-ges (emphasis on the a) = a long time

orange chicken petals = cornflakes

diamond might = dynamite


and some that we use to get him to eat….

squashed sausages = beef burgers

fish sausages = fish fingers

daddy’s special sausages = quorn sausages

batman’s favourite food = broccoli

jedi’s favourite food = pasta


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One thought on “6yr old stepson to English (UK) translations

  1. aww cute! Don’t forget Popeye’s favourite! I used to eat snake (loin) as a child. Oh and snails (liquorice )…
    oh and paper towels = servietter in Danish, I said servovetter for years.

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