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Ravelry is a wonderful community of knitters who have nothing but love, joy and friendship in them.  They are great.

One of the communities that I belong to is Skein Queen Yarns and they are super sweet.

They made knitted hearts for my wedding that the bridesmaids carried with their flowers, just because they wanted to make sure there was some knitted goodness on the day (even though they needn’t have worried on that count!).

They offer words of advice and comfort.

I shared that I was finding things a bit of a struggle and that beloved husband had tried to remedy the situation by putting me on the sofa with trashy TV, tea, a basket of knitting notions (needles), my precious yarns and some patterns and begged me to just “knit something, anything, like a dishcloth or something that would be useful too! (appealing to my need to have beautiful useful  things in the house) it makes you…. you.  And I miss seeing you knit.  And I miss making sure that the yarn doesn’t jump round the room (he is official puller of the wool).  And I want you to be you again.”

He is the perfect knitting widower.

A couple of days later a friend from said Ravlery community sent me a message directing me to the robot-hugs website as a cartoon had made her think of me and hubby.  She was so right and it couldn’t have been more appropriate.


I love it.  Thank you Vero.



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2 thoughts on “kindness of friends

  1. oh how wonderful! I wish I was close enough to offer you a hug, but this will have to do [hugs].

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