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This novel restored my faith in historical novels, not written by Philippa Gregory.

To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn

To Die For, A Novel of Anne Boleyn by Sandra Byrd was a beautifully written novel that drew me in from the first few pages and took a new angle on the story.

The book follows Meg Wyatt as Anne’s best friend and eventual Mistress of the Wardrobe and follows the story of the split from Catholicism and Rome from a more spiritul point of view and from the idea that Anne Boleyn was not a scheming adultress, but a pioneering reformer of the church who wanted people to be able to worship and read the Bible in their own tongue, and the riches of the monastries and nunneries to stop being used to profit the Priors, but to go direct to the poor.  It was an interesting perspective on the story that I know so well, but that has always portrayed Anne as a desperate and wily woman who was potentially a witch.

In fact I enjoyed it so much, within 15 minutes of finishing I picked up The Secret Keeper, A Novel Of Kateryn Parr by Sandra Byrd and jumped right in!

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