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Well hullo!

I am so excited to be in talks with a couple of sites I LoVe (with all my stepmum/ organising/ colourful/ creative and teaching hats on) to provide one click link buttons on my blog straight to them! Feels a bit real, or maybe even surreal, but totally exciting!

Today I can officially reveal that I now have a twinkl button!  All you have to do to get amazing free Early Years or Key Stage 1 and 2 resources including displays and games is click on the button on the right!  (well ok, and register, but it’s free and they don’t harrass you with a barage of emails daily).  If you do head over their I am “knittingzoe” and my avatar looks like this:

me on twinkl

Uncanny huh? – and you can add me as a friend!  This and ravelry are the closest I come to social networks…

One of my favourite things about this site is that there is a wonderful and developing Special Educational Needs (SEN) section, which is just as useful for all children to be honest AND there is a Parents section – now which parent wouldn’t want activities, behaviour resources, school preperation tools and home education resources for free?

Plus you can connect in the forum, or buy resources such as reuseable labels – oh if I had found these before making my classroom pretty! – etc in the shop.  It’s a one stop happy teacher shop.

Don’t forget if you do use any links (on any blog), it would be ever so brilliant if you could let the website owners know how you arrived there!

Thanks as always



Yesterday I was asked to write a guest post for the twinkl blog, and lo and behold it’s on there already!  Quick go and check it out and tell them I sent you!! 🙂


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