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book #13, novel #11 2013

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I read another book!  I know craziness.

Mary and Elizabeth by Emily Purdy was one that I picked up from the charity shop for 75p within a buy one get one free sale (I know – such good value!).  The blurb on the back indicated historical ficiton that was focused on the love and rivalry between Mary (eventually I) and Elizabeth (equally eventually I).  There was a reference to the American drama the Tudors, but I picked it up anyway.

I eventually got around to reading it this month and I should have taken more note of the Tudors reference!  An awful lot of sexual content for 2 women who were allegedly virgins (at least til marriage for Mary), and too much emphasis on Tom Seymour and his sexual ways with men, women (and possibly beasts if they moved).  According to Purdy Seymour had but one way to woo a person that involved ale, honey cakes and a relentless 3 verse song that kept being reprinted throughout the first 250 pages (perhaps to fill pages?).  I’m not really a reader of erotic ficiton, but have read books with sexual content before.  I just never expected quite so much and so much detail when it came to the lives of these 2 particular historical figures.


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