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personality traits that lead me to being a primary school teacher

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  • I love children, especially aged under 11, particularly aged under 6.
  • I love colour coding things.
  • I am super organised.
  • Opening a pack of brand new crayons/felt tips/paints and seeing a full set gives me a thrill.
  • I like writing things by hand.
  • I love pinterest and buzzfeed diy – which provide me with fresh teaching ideas all the time.  As does life really.
  • It can take me a while to choose my favourite colour.
  • I often take time to consider my favourite colour, shape, number, letter name, word, animal, superpower, superhero, pet, name and “thing to do at school” should it come up in conversation.
  • I like to feel prepared.
  • I can be flexible when everything changes at the last minute.
  • I feel edgy if I’m not working late into the night, and all day sunday.
  • I resent working – round christmas, my birthday (eastertime) and august – always have, even in “normal” jobs.
  • I ask questions about how and why things work all. The. Time.
  • I adore spotting amazing things like drops of rain on a leaf, a rainbow, water that has frozen as it is coming out of a drain, a bent penny, flowers growing in unlikely places -I notice the weird things in life!
  • I don’t mind explaining things a number of times.
  • I love to read, and kids get the best stories.
  • I get excited about the craft activities the kids get to do.
  • I don’t mind dressing up or acting like a complete wally.
  • I sing a lot.
  • I love to learn.

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One thought on “personality traits that lead me to being a primary school teacher

  1. And so it should be. All the right things to be a teacher!

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