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book #10, novel #8, 2013


As a surprise for our wedding anniversary Husband preordered the White Princess by Phillippa Gregory which was released on 1 August 2013.

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As he had preordered it, my copy (a hardback!  What a treat!) arrived on 1 August, but as I didn’t know what it was, it was not presented to me until 7pm that night. 

Oh how I squeed and squealed.  There were lots of little kisses on his cheek and jumping up and downs and clapping.

I started right then and there and read 50 pages that night.

By Sunday morning I had finished all 518 pages despite having gone out with friends most of friday and friday night, and saturday and saturday night.  Thank you insomnia.

Though, as you should know if you are a regular reader, I adore historical ficiton and Philippa Gregory’s novels, I would say that of the 5 Cousins’ War novels, this one was the weakest.  This book was ostensibly about Henry VII after he took the throne and his turbulent (according to Gregory) marriage to Princess Elizabeth of York – daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville – Gregory’s White Queen.

I had expected the White Princess to be feisty and independent and charasmatic and charming as her mother, even possibly with some mystery and witchcraft as her mother and grandmother had influences of.  None of this was evident for me.  She seemed a lifeless character and the book seemed to leave me with more of an impression of her husband Henry VII, her son Arthur, her mother in law – the Red Queen, and even her cousin Margaret of Warwick.

I did enjoy it, and it is well written.  I just wonder whether this series has run it’s course?

What do you think?



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2 thoughts on “book #10, novel #8, 2013

  1. That is a shame! I was hoping that she was going to be the sort of mother that would explain why VIII was like he was….. Is it worth finishing the series if I enjoyed the others? I will def wait for the paperback!

    • I would definitely read it, but not expect anything to be explained about Henry VIII, more emphasis on Henry VII and Margaret Beaufort, and to some extent Elizabeth Woodville still… the next one is about Margaret Pole which will be interesting as similarly to the Plantagenet dynasty I know next to nothing about the Poles… Zx

      Zoë Dodd 07834 597 071

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