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I really enjoyed making this alternative home sweet home sampler/painting I made. I made it for a brilliant friend who would be a closer than close friend if she didn’t live in Devon, and I in Hampshire….

Like me, she is a creative. Unlike me she is superbly talented and she finishes stuff. Crochet is her biggest textile talent, though every bithday and christmas she sends me an amazing handmade present from handbags, to appliqued needle rolls, to free crocheted bags (nabbed by my neice) – oh lordy she’s ridiculously talented!

Anyway, she and her family have moved house and I wanted to make her a new home card, and as I entered the Making shed with some new poster paint that I swiped for 99p in the chairty shop I also spied a canvas in my stash of bits and bobs and an idea came to mind….

I cut out the letters and shapes I wanted and tacked them down with water (blasted spray mount glue being in my mum’s house 35 miles away, my mum being in a different country, blast) which ensured that I got the messy look I was after…. and totally planned – honestly I did want a messy look, I even splodged extra drips on it!

So here it is!


What do you think?




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2 thoughts on “creative ta daaa!

  1. Oh that is so much fun!!! Bless this mess, clever! I hope she will love it.

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