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actually made something! ta daa!


I can write about this hear, despite only having posted this yesterday because I am pretty sure that the recepient doesn’t read my blog.

I had determined a lo o o o o ng time ago that I wanted to make as many gifts that I give out as possible and I know that this recepient, husband’s best friend and now a close friend of mine too was most definitely knit worthy.

He exclaims and cherishes secondhand and handmade gifts and indeed wrote us a poem and printed it out on special poem for our first wedding anniversary ( as paper is the traditional gift – what are the others?  Note to self, must research this).  He is seemingly more romantic than we are.


Anyway, his birthday is the day before our wedding anniversary and last year we made sure to give him a cake at the pre wedding meal and fuss over him so that the entire wedding party sang happy birthday to him and my stepson (exactly a week after our wedding).

This year has been a bit muddled – especially motivation wise – yet I am the type of girl that I will carry through decisions once made, just maybe a little delayed…

As he loves tea, and took one of our centrepiece teapot from the wedding I thought a teacosy would be appropriate.


It’s knitted from a stashed book, using entirely stash and despite it looking small, it stretches to fit any pot size (I promise.  Husby was sceptical, but it truly fitted our biggest teapot. So there.)


My fair isle work is a little puckered as I was concentrating so hard on not getting gaps between the two colours I pulled a little tight.  Hey ho, that’s life!


Have you finished anything recently?



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2 thoughts on “actually made something! ta daa!

  1. I love the cosy! And your friend will love it too! If you’ve never done colour work like this before then this was a good first project!

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