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things that make me go hmmm :-) #1

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More often than not I am more mmmm than YAY! and as I am trying to change that I am starting a new mini series this summer called things that make me go hmmmm 🙂

thing 1 is this pop video by Daft Punk.

Sure it has a catchy tune.

Sure it has Pharell Williams looking mighty lovely.

And there are 2 black guys, one in his 30s, one distinctly older, and 2 french guys wearing crash helmets all wearing black sequined suits and all rocking the look.

Ok , so you have to give credit to the guys in suits wearing helmets, and playing instruments with Robot gloves on.

Plus check out the funky bass line.  I am a sucker for a bass line.

However the thing that makes me grin more than all that combined (which is all pretty smiley anyway) is the guy on the right with dreds playing the guitar riff.

He’s the guy from 70s Disco super group Chic.

He’s the one who looks like the cat who got the cream.

I ADORE that smile.  It just makes me smile right back!

Simple things.

What has made you smile this week?




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