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Reading Ambassadors

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I make no secret of my love for reading. Well, nowadays I make no secret of it. When I was younger I was a secret nerd. I wish I had been more confident to be an open nerd and displayed my love of reading, textiles and so on. Still I didn’t feel that in those days exposure was such a good thing. Nowadays it seems more acceptable. Even it is becoming more compulsory to be open about your hobbies and in the more money aware era (which I heartily welcome) it is the “in thing” to be able to make do and mend. Friends who considered my knitting pasttime to be a Granny-like attribute are less vocal about such criticisms now!

I digress.

I was reading the World Book Night website and saw that there is a plea for people to become Reading Ambassadors.

It isn’t something you have to apply for.

You don’t have to make banners or campaign.

You don’t have to give any money.

You just need to practice what you preach.

  • Give books as presents instead of disposible gifts such as cut flowers or chocolates.
  • Take a book with you and read it in a waiting room.
  • Give book tokens.
  • Join AND USE y0ur local library.  They have books (obviously), DVDs, CDs, magazines, internet uses, classes, audio books and that’s just the list of the top of my head.
  • buy your books from a local bookshop rather than online. (guilty as charged).
  • visit your local charity shop and buy/donate books.  Oxfam have specialist book stores with allsorts of gems in – even first editions.  My other local charity shops sell paperbacks for 75p – buy one get one free.  Even those on the tightest of budgets such as myself can afford that!
  • talk about your love of books.  Recommend books to friends and pass on the books you’ve read to them.
  • model reading to the younger generation.  Monkey see as Monkey do.  At school it’s all about modelling everything for children from trying out new fruit taste to how to write and count in real life.  So many times I’ve had parents come in and “confess”  (though they should feel no shame) that reading is a struggle.  More often than not their kids will be struggling too.  Kids need to see the point.  Why are you teaching me to read when noone reads?
  • accept that reading doesn’t always mean stories.  It means: magazines; blogs; articles; newspapers; signs; menus; posters; leaflets; receipts; biographies; cookbooks; non-fiction books; packets; television; internet; the list goes on….

So that is my plea.  Let’s all get stuck in and get reading.  Whatever form that may take.



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