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1 year of wedded bliss

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To celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary I thought I’d kinda interview myself as a reflection on the best day of my life, 365 days on.

Most unusual decision according to others:
Choosing a blue and white polka dot theme. It made unusual bridesmaid’s dresses that have been worn multiple times since, and a distinctive link on our wedding stationery.  Plus it allowed me to wear some pretttty cool shoes. 🙂


Low point pre wedding?
Finding out that the venue had lost our prebooked rooms for the entire wedding party, mis ordered the wedding breakfast and then that the wedding coordinator, her assistant and the catering manager had all had personal emergencies, the weekend of my wedding. Thank God my mum is a determined woman!


Most used wedding gift?
The filter coffee maker and mr & mrs mugs that we use to drink out of, and the wooden chopping board.

Most under used wedding gift?
Ring of tealights that fits round a parasol. Purely because the parasol has only been required to provide a rain covering.

Most impressive budget breaker?
The band was amazing, and we would never have afforded them if my brother hadn’t offered them as a wedding gift.

Most impressive under budget item?
The icecream cart was a third of the price of the dessert option, and everyone seemed to enjoy the experience, choosing a unique flavour, getting up and chatting to others, and the evening guests were immediately included in the event as they did the same at they arrived at the same time.

Was it worth spending time making handmade wedding favours and decorations?
YES YES YES! It added a personal touch, allowed me to prepare for my big day, allowed people to appreciate my love of textiles, and the favours (mughugs on cheap white mugs) I know everyone has kept as a cute reminder of our fabulous day.


The myriad of blues and patterns were echoed in the flowers and bunting, and my dress, and showed how much I valued everyone going.


Anything you’d change?
Not really, although I forgot to toss my bouquet, husband needed a microphone for his speech, and photographer’s wife going into labour were tiny weeny hiccups.


Any advice to other wedding planners?
1. Plan your budget, and stick to it. It is NOT worth starting your married life resenting an overspend and going into debt.
2. Encorporate some personal touches – music choice, colours, flowers, favours, it doesn’t matter. So many people have commented that it was so “us” and the details they have remembered are the unique parts of the day.
3. Include your partner – it is your (plural) day.
4. Enjoy it! You’ll only get to do this once!


Have you any other questions for me?  Do let me know in the comments section!

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