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at the moment…


  • I am tired
  • I am getting addicted to washi tape browsing.
  • I seem to be fulfilling the promise of my mentor that teaching is a lifestyle choice, not a job
  • I have been told I have anaemia
  • and that I don’t have arthritis (yay!)
  • I have a rose bush about to burst into flower with multiple buds by the front door
  • I am struggling to find time to blog
  • I have 28 reports to write
  • I have 2 more sets of assessments to do with the children
  • A friend said the living areas looked less cluttered – joy, joy, joy!
  • I have 2 red hot pokers and 6 aliums in bloom
  • I don’t have a job for September
  • I have 4/5 fruit trees with leaves!
  • I need to do my planning for next week
  • I really need to move my printer as it is driving me crazy
  • I have weeded the back garden beds and trimmed the now dead daffodils and hyacinths
  • I am decluttering a little every day, with big crazy urges to do lots more also being capitalised on
  • I have decluttered my little cupboard at school too – it suddenly was driving me crazy!
  • I really want to buy yarn and I am struggling not to.
  • I am enjoying the massage cover husband bought me for my chair
  • I am planning my christma gifts and lots of baby knitting (for other people)
  • I am looking forward to our break away with Mr nyaz’s family in August – I’ve never been farther north than lancaster (over night) before and we are headed Northumberland way.
  • I am loving meeting my mum weekly for coffee after work
  • I want to spend more time knitting
  • I am trying out an audiobook.  I’ve chosen a self help finance book though, which I am finding hard as I can’t go back over or refer to certain bits again.  I think a novel might better.
  • I am planning to try and use orzo – is a form of pasta that is shaped like a large grain of rice – for dinner tonight.
  • British summer seems to be over, a week of nice weather last week and this week rain and greyness again. Gah!
  • I bought bunny a new toy/boredom breaker.  A metal cube that we fill with hay that he has to turn and struggle to get hay out of.  He was scared to start with, but now he loves it!  So much less wasted hay too.

What’s happening at the moment for you?

Take care,



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5 thoughts on “at the moment…

  1. orzo pasta!! i love that stuff but never really used it successfully. i had it in an amazing meal in Greece when i was there once. let me know how you use it and how it goes!

    also, i think i can recommend spatone as an iron suppliment. i’ve only been taking it for 4 days but i do feel better (psychological maybe?!). can’t get it on prescription but it is on 3 for 2 at boots. it’s a natural water that’s high in iron – looks like it hardly has any iron in it compared with traditional tablets but is much better absorbed by the body and fewer side effects. can keep you posted on how things go… am giving it 2 weeks to change my energy levels!

  2. I don’t have a job for September. I hope you get one soon…. and Northumberland is lovely. You must see Beamish, it’s brilliant.

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