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  • if it’s possible to hurt yourself on something, even inanimate gas fires that have been in place longer than I have been alive.
  • if it doesn’t seem possible to hurt yourself on something such as the outside decorative metal strip of a breadmaker, I can, and will hurt myself on it – slicing the top of my finger off on it for instance.
  • when I hurt myself multiple times, it will be on the same side of my body.  My right arm is currently the location of 2 papercuts, aforementioned sliced off top of finger, trigger finger, sore wrist and 2 bruises where they took blood on friday…
  • when you try to sort something out for yourself, you end up with a heap of issues to sort out for other people.
  • CBT can be a painful and most certainlyis an uncomfortable process.  What is more uncomfortable is being honest with your therapist, and then having an hour long discussion about how to deal with being defensive… this made me defensive.
  • a massage from your beloved is a wonderful thing, but can become an infrequent treat.  A wonderful thing from your beloved is a special seat for your chair that massages you.
  • if you do too many sessions on the exciting new massage chair, you ache. Alot.
  • the conservatory is one of my favourite places in our house.
  • the conservatory is often too hot in summer, and too cold in winter.
  • finding out your friend, who you thought you were close too, has moved house by accidentally clicking on her profile on ravelry does nothing for your self esteem.
  • having my printer under my desk is irritating because I can’t really sit properly at my desk. 
  • there is nowhere else to put my printer.
  • the more I try to seriously declutter, the more trinkets appear through the door.
  • when I read a book at home I feel guilty that I should be doing something. 
  • when I watch TV I feel lazy and selfish, but it’s ok if I’ve been knitting.
  • husband has read my blog, and said “it’s nice you can write like that.” which makes me wonder what “like that” means.
  • when I am teaching full time, I have no time for anything else.
  • when I am teaching I am full of joy.

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