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tadaa! – christmas project 2013 finally finished…

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I started this project in January, and finally found the buttons I wanted (via maman) in March, and got the final 10 I needed in May.

IMAG0726So now they are all sewn on and I have 21 little beauties ready to be distributed in December.

I have decided not to do the star decorations now.  Partly because I lost my enthusiasm, and partly because the people I was mainly planning them for were TAs and teachers at my old job, and, well, I’m not there now.

IMAG0725I might do some pompom baubles over the summer to go with.  Depending on my inclination, financial situation etc.


I used up 62g of DK yarn stash, and bought £5 of buttons, so they have worked out at 40p a decoration (minus labour of course!).  I am really pleased with them.

IMAG0724Have you finished any projects recently?  How are your christmas making plans going?

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One thought on “tadaa! – christmas project 2013 finally finished…

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