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Top 10 stashes to declutter


I haven’t done a “top 10” for a while, so here we go!  I’ve been thinking about decluttering, and recently every time I look around the house I see collections of stuff around me.  Me no likey.

So here are my Top 10 (there are more) collections of stuff I would like to have less of:

  1. pens.  There is a mug in the kitchen, one in the dining room, 2 and a bag in beloved’s room, and a mug, 2 pencilcases, 2 sets of felt tips, some colouring pencils and some 4-coloured biros in the spare room – my workspace.  Possibly we have enough to keep us going til we retire.  Probably longer.
  2. notebooks.  I currently have 12.  I’m taking 5 to school as a writing implement – that gives me anxiety – but I still have 7 notebooks waiting to have great thoughts put in them.
  3. yarn.  Not my precious nice yarn – don’t be MaD! – but the leftovers, the acrylics, the seemed a good idea at the time yarns.
  4. books.  I love my library and everytime I go in take out a couple of books.  Due to the time deadline this means the library books always get read first.  I have a bookcase full of cookbooks and textile books that I occasionally dip into, and a bookcase full of novels and simple living books that I am so excited to read (and 4 piled next to the bed).  Until I’ve read them thought, I am loathe to donate or pass them on!
  5. school resources.  I have 5 boxes (2 destined for the loft) full of resources, training documents, sounds, planning ideas, a bookcase full of story books and National Strategy Books… and overflow piles of folders.  I need to minimise or streamline or donate or get a job with a cupboard soon.
  6. wires.  Husband is a software engineer.  He has lots of computers.  We, therefore, have lots of wires.  everywhere.  More so upstairs because downstairs is bunny-proofed, but sometimes it makes me worry.  I am naturally clumsy and accident-prone and I broke my coccyx by tripping over my own feet on a slightly slippery slight incline – walking.  So tripping on wires is a possible threat to my well-being!
  7. gift bags and jiffy bags.  Always kept to reused.  Seem to receive more than we use.
  8. envelope folders.  Coming. Out. Of. Every. Drawer.  Some filled.  Some empty.  Combined = ToO mAnY!
  9. bed linen.  But it is all so pretty!  Even though most of it doesn’t fit our bed anymore.
  10. gifts.  I have 2 drawers full of gifts, no I just checked, it’s 3.  Never seem to fit the people I am giving too to. 

Have you any stashes to get rid of?

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 stashes to declutter

  1. I can relate to the pens issue. And the books and notebooks and some of the others. Good luck with your decluttering. I’m making progress but have a lot more to do.

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