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fun facts on friday

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more trivia?  let me oblige:

  • the match was invented after the cigarette lighter.
  • the tongue is the only muscle in the human body that is only anchored at one end.
  • the “Twitter” bird has a name – Larry.
  • if they were live now Mozart and Einstein would have been considered autistic
  • if you’re feeling blue, force yourself to smile.  It releases the happy hormones.
  • the more you roast coffee beans, the less caffeine they have.
  • Britney Spear’s hit single Toxic was originally offered to Kylie Minogue, who passed on it.
  • if you add all the numbers on a roulette wheel the magic number is…. 666
  • Norway once knighted a penguin
  • the longer your finger, the faster your nail grows – and that’s why finger nails grow faster than toe nails
  • Donald Duck has a middle name – Fauntelroy
  • 50% of Brazil nuts come from Bolivia.

Take care and let me know your facts!



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