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I feel like since I returned to teaching full time (a term supply) I’ve not only gone missing in blogland, missing in action, I feel like I’ve alsogone missing from my life.

It’s hard to accept that I only really reidentified who I was and what that meant at the end of March and by mid April I was sailing the sea of adrift and submerged in the world of planning, preperation and assessment.

Now I have to find time to apply for jobs too.

It’s not something I am enjoying. How easily I have fallen into the allconsuming work/ no life balance.

I love my job and I am passionate about it.

I like to do things properly.

I like to do things well.

I like to be sure I am doing the best possible.

I also, however, like my hobbies (all but abandoned since March)/

I like my house and garden.

I like love my husband.

I need to be more balanced.

So it’s time to consider the options. 

  • go part time.
  • carry on supply (money may be an issue)
  • leave teaching and get a job getting paid less elsewhere.

I am rubbish at decisions.

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6 thoughts on “missing in action

  1. hmmmm I am currently in this quandary too. I’ve given myself another two years in my new job to make a decision. After two years (and hopefully having my first child in that time) if I am still as unhappy and fallen out of love with teaching as I am now then I leave the proffession, if I feel better about it then I stay in the profession and look for promotion. In the meantime my philosophy this term is it will get done when it gets done. If it doesn’t get done then bugger it! I’m finiding this difficult as like you I want to do my job to the absolute best of my ability (often to the detriment of my mental and physical health!) but I have to realise that I can’t be perfect, no one will thank me for trying to be and there is more to life than school. Good luck with the decision though! x

    • I love the teaching, it’s all the surrounding bits that I feel almost oppress me! Hey ho… (I’m the same about babies too, although husby keeps saying when we are financially more stable, which I reckon could be 30th Feb! ;-P )

  2. I know exactly where you’re coming from on this. I left my job in a college when the number of unpaid hours were three times the paid hours and I was drowning in a sea of paperwork. I was conscientious and was running myself into the ground trying to get everything done. I loved the teaching but the joy was being sucked out of it. Good luck with your decision.

  3. Teachers are their own worst enemy sometimes with a perfectionism and striving for the best attitude. It makes sense because we are shaping future generations and in some cases may be a child’s best hope, but it does mean we pressure ourselves in a job which I have seen go more paper based and less enjoyable for many. There must be a way to get the love back, mustn’t there?

    • There should be- I find a major factor is the expectation of how much extra to the teaching needs to be done. The assumption is that all the admin side will just happen somehow and that’s what takes my time really. Z

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