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Little things that go on in my mind, and I admit it, sometimes mutter to myself too:

OOh that would make a good blog post!

Aha – they made signalling illegal did they Mr[insert car make name] Driver??

No, of course the prescription isn’t ready! 5 days is just not long enough – I understand that.

Ooh pretty fabric ooh!

Squee!  look at the pretty flowers!

 I wonder what beloved would do if he had just spilt a pint of milk over the kitchen floor…. probably not cry… hmmm… is this an emergency enough to call him?

Excellent, I get to call my catalogue company 4 days in a row with a problem – woohoo!

Bunny – I JuSt cleaned the floor – and now it’s sawdusty again!

Judge Judy you are a liiiitle biased sometimes – you wouldn’t get away with that in court surely???

Must get petrol, must get petrol, must get petrol…. [nyaz gets home] … oh bum, forgot the petrol.

I am grown up, I Am grown up, I AM grown up…. I think I’ll wait until beloved gets home to check my tyres….

What have you been thinking?

Take care,



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