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Book #6, the 4th novel of 2013.

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The Captive Queen by Alison Weir.

As longtime readers have probably realised, not only am I a slow knitter, but a slow reader too. Not as slow as some, but not a speed reader. So when a book seems to lack pace I tend to avoid reading it, because I know that it’s going to take an age to read. What logic eh?

So it has been with this tome. I took it out of the library when my local one had reopened after an expansion and rejuvination of titles. The featured display as i went in on day 2 of reopening was for historical novels, all seemed to be about strong women from plantagenet era through to the much written about tudors and then the stuarts.

I had such high hopes! I read the first 100pages and was a little disappointed by my lack of involvement in the book and that’s when my reluctance to continue started. By 250pages in I had all but abandoned this book, but on library return day decided to take a risk and renew it.

A further 2 weeks on and after 6 weeks, and 2 readathons, I’ve now managed to complete this book – but I have rather forced myself to do so. The story seemed so slow, too highly sexed (for my taste) and although I know she had a long life it was rather a turgid read.

The sense of relief that I’d finished was rather overwhelming, and I think that says it all really.

Have you read any good books?

Take care.



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