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How much do you spend on your bills?


Not having an income come march, and with supply work looking to be how I make my fortune, I’m just trying to make sure our outgoings are as low as possible. I listen to debt reducing podcasts such as Dave Ramsey, and they are American biased and I don’t know how they relate to our budget.

I have to admit that husband monitors the joint account. Which means that I’m hoping we aren’t overpaying, and that when I ask him if he thinks we are paying for the best value packages, and he says yes, I do take him at face value.

In order to save on electricity I try to make sure that every appliance is turned off at the plug when not in use. When we’re not in a room, the light isn’t on either. We don’t heat the conservatory as it’ll cost too much. I make enough hot water for a pot of tea and keep it warm with a tea cosy, rather than heating a little water a lot more. Also: We take packed lunches to work. We’ve put a bottle of pebbles in the toilet cystern to reduce water useage. We go to the library, watch free films on tv rather than the cinema, and use tea bags and coffee grounds twice. We water down fabric conditioner, use vinegar to clean and mix washing powder with bicarbonate of soda.

One of my aims for March is to have a minimum of 20 no spend days (tricky mickey) and the days I spend, hopefully I will only spend less than £5.  Acheivable?  Possibly.  I will try and keep myself accountable here.

What more can we do?

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2 thoughts on “How much do you spend on your bills?

  1. I love that! Most months I actually have more than 20 no spend days. And if you don’t count groceries (bought weekly) and my transportation card (once a month) I have months here and there where I have zero spend days. I took a while to get here, but basically I mainly buy what I truely need.
    If you are not already doing it, then write down every thing you buy in march (decide if you want to include groceries) and then at the end be really blunt and see if you could have gone without some of it.
    Otherwise it sounds like you are doing all the right things 🙂

    will you be saving on transportation now?

    and what other podcasts beside DR do you listen to, I might want to join you..

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