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Lent, 2013


Today is the first day of Lent.

It normally means to me a reason to start trying to eat better – no crisps, biscuits, cake etc.

It also means a time of sadness as I usually love to eat the foods I ban myself from.

This year, however, I read MissPeaches’ blog – a ravelry friend – wrote about how Lent was meant to allow you time to reflect on your spirituality and take time to meditate.  It should be something personal that you know will change things for the better, without being something that shouts out loud – LOOK AT ME I’M SO GOOD I’M ABSTAINING FROM ALL THIS STUFF!  Something that privately motivates and inspires you.

So this year I am going to mix the two schools of thought.

I am going to abstain from biscuits, bread and cheese.  I’m also going to ban the television from my life until after 7pm (I’ve been watching far too much trash recently) and make time to knit everyday – a small step towards time to meditate and calm down. 


So wish me luck.  I’ve got the radio on, lots of creative projects desperate to pop out of my mind and a pile of books to read (about 30ish, plus library books!), and the will to be more deliberate with my time.

How are you treating Lent this year?

Take care,



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2 thoughts on “Lent, 2013

  1. Zoe,
    I love that my post inspired you to shake things up a bit this year. For some reason your posts haven’t been showing up in my reader, so I’m behind, but I’m trying to fix it so I will get them as you post!

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