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don’t forget!


You only have 8 days left to prepare your projects for the

Craft-a-thon – 10-11 February 2013

26 hours of crafting (for me knitting, candlemaking or fabric play and baking) over 2 days.


and 23days to pick your books etc for the

Read-a-thon – 25-26 February 2013

13 hours of reading across 2 days – to include magazines, books, blogs, newspapers, journals, websites, etc. 

Hope you can join me!  What will you be crafting/reading?  Let me know so I can share* your ideas!

Take care


* for share read steal.


Author: Zoe

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4 thoughts on “don’t forget!

  1. Can’t wait – the last Knit Marathon was such a success for me. I have to finish one more slipper – left over from the last Marathon – and I have picked out a sweater/shrug to crochet. Even posted a countdown ticker on my blog – credited to you of course! 🙂

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