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January to do list, a review


  • experiment with crafty idea brewing in head for a valentines gift
  • reading marathon
  • finish reading PD James Death Comes to Pemberley
  • cull some clothes
  • declutter hall
  • declutter kitchen cupboards
  • charity shop run
  • go through yarn and decide whether to weigh it, catalogue it – gah! – or what.
  • relist unsold cushions to Etsy
  • add latest cushion to Etsy
  • Car MOT
  • Car tax
  • ironing
  • get new notebook for brilliant thoughts
  • harrass washingmachine guarantee people who are refusing to asnwer the phone or email
  • rethink layout of spare room – books not easily accessed on bookcase… Just need to implement this now…
  • knitting marathon
  • deadhead hydrangea and roses

How did you do?

Take care,



Author: Zoe

for more info see my all about me page! tweet @zoedidthat

2 thoughts on “January to do list, a review

  1. Wow you have been busy

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