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The tracks of my years


On bbc radio 2’s morning show, there’s a slot called “the tracks of my years”  in which a noted famous person, picks 2 tracks each weekday and explains why they are important to them.

I know I am neither noted, nor famous, but thought it would be fun to think about!

  • Fairground Attraction, Perfect

The first music video I clearly remember, and I love the words and the power of Eddie Reader’s voice

  • Biily Joel, Innocent Man

Oh, summer holidays in France singing along with my mum who changed “man” to her name and we sung about my dad leaving.  Lovely memories and cathartic singing.

  • Spice Girls, Stop

Memories of me and my brother bopping round my bedroom with lollipop microphones trying to copy the dance routine we saw on Christmas Top of the Pops.

  • Carly Simon, Coming around again (album version + small children singing incy wincy spider)

Memories of mum and dad playing the tape and the whole family singing along in the car.  More recently I’ve noticed the lyrics and I love them.

  • The Beatles, I wanna Hold your hand

Mum and I harmonising along to the CD.

  • Train, Marry Me

The track that I walked down the aisle in for my wedding.

  • Take That, Greatest Day

The music we walked out of our wedding as husband and wife, with gorgeousstepson holding our hands with a big grin (the promise of cake…)

  • Carly Simon, Nobody does it better

First dance at the wedding.

  • Bananarama, Robert De Niro’s waiting

Brother’s favourite childhood band.  Memories of hearing this song blaring out of his bright blue ghetto blaster in his room.

  • Paul McCartney and Wings, Band on the Run

One of the songs my parents loved that just takes me back to holidays, car journeys, and family holidays.

What are the special songs in your life?

Take care.


PS – the tracks that didn’t quite make it:

Cliff Richard – stronger than that (had a real pash on him when I was little)

Kylie Minogue – je ne sais pas pour quoi (first album -on tape- that I saved up for and bought)

Alanis Morissette – one hand in my pocket (album bought on a whim after hearing this song once and I loved the album)

The Feeling – Love it when you call (reminds me of when I first took up knitting seriously after University)

The Corrs – Talk on Corrners album (bought with first wages packet from Saturday job)

Deacon Blue – when will you make my phone ring? (hubby wrote it ot me in a text after a minor disagreement when we were dating)

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Hubby made a video of him playing it for me on our first valentine’s day dating)

The Nolans – I’m in the Mood (Love love LOVE this song)

Lissie – when I’m alone with you (song played constantly on the radio as I set up my first ever classroom)

Kelly Clarkson – Beacuse of you (sang it “at” my dad mentally)

Whitney Houston – I learned from the best (sang it “at” my dad mentally)

The cure – lovecats (reminds me of partynights at the bar I worked in)

there are so many more…….


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2 thoughts on “The tracks of my years

  1. ha ha, great list. made me think i’d have to put pj and duncan ‘lets get ready to rhumble’ on my list – first album i saved up for!! they were also my first crush poster as a young teen. i put the poster on the inside of my wardrobe door so my mum wouldn’t know, but of course mums know everything and she told me years later she’d sussed straight away!
    boyzone were my first proper fan-band. and my brother used to tease me about fancying ronan. he did it to wind me up but he didn’t know it was true!
    i’d throw a cliff number in there, not sure which one though, but it’d be from that album – ‘stronger’ – it was the one i borrowed from my parents when i was first getting into music!
    sclub7 were a BIG love of mine – i knew all the moves to ‘sclub party’, so that’d have to be on my list.
    oh, and the carpenters – i love everything about their music – and it was more that i borrowed from my parents as a young teen!
    then there’s ‘it had to be you’, which we walked out of our wedding to – the irony was that for years we didn’t fancy each other, so it really didn’t ‘have to be us’, but it was after all!
    and a song by delirious called ‘every little thing’s gonna be alright’ – one of my best friends and i were both having student-age-appropriate traumas and we went to a gig, they played it and we looked at each other, threw our heads back and belted out the words in faith.
    then there’s the song i choreographed and danced to, live at my friends’ band launch – ‘take me in’ by note for a child
    also switchfoot, any of: ‘dark horses’, ‘awakening’, ‘learning to breathe’,’dare you to move’ – something would have represent their influence at key times in my life!

    well, you did ask!

    i’m going to be thinking about this all afternoon now… and about all the others i could choose… !

    • Love it!

      I loved the stronger album… I’m going to be humming it all afternoon! I think I might just have to investigate some of those tracks.


      PS I loved boyzone too – my babysitter looked just like ronan… Lucky me!

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