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top 10 notyouraveragezoe tea facts!


I know, odd title, but it came to me in a moment of insomnia!  So here we go the top 10 random facts about me with regard to … tea!

  1. I am tea total – this is new really.  Up until now I’ve had the very occasional tipple, however now I am on all sorts of tablets it just doesn’t seem the right thing to do.  I don’t miss it, it saves me money, calories and I drive a lot so it’s a win-win-win!
  2. I am a little addicted to tea
  3. so much so that I have about 10 mugs a day (ish)
  4. I have to drink it piping hot, just lower than scalding temperature.
  5. I can’t bear the taste of tea from a thermos – that has to be coffee
  6. I like PG tips for preference, but sometimes dabble with Earl Grey
  7. We are a decaffinated household due to my migraines aside – apparently caffine is one of the top 5 triggers of a migraine along with red wine, cheese, citrus fruits and chocolate…. (and my tea addiction…)
  8. I can actually tell if I’ve been served generic/wholesale bulk / organic or fair trade tea as they have distinctive (not to my liking) tastes
  9. I don’t like fruit tea, but I do drink herbal teas on occasion
  10. the sound of a teapot pouring is one of my favourite things

and the bonus one is….

  1. the first thing I knitted beloved was a tea cosy, as his request.

Well what do you know!  Tell me a random fact about you and your favourite tipple!

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2 thoughts on “top 10 notyouraveragezoe tea facts!

  1. Ooh! Tea definitely! At times of stress it’s the first thing I do…. Kettle on, pot out. There’s a tea swap going on somewhere on the internet and I think that’s a cute idea.

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