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2013 financial goals

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2013 financial goals are:

1. pay hubby the £700 (left out of the £1000) he lent me for my car

2. to overpay my car loan so it finishes before April 2015

3. to start an ef , minimum £1000  but maximise this so by end 2013 (£3160.77 – £6321.54) then I can start thinking about maybe possibly starting a family… already have £500 .

4. get a new job without a 1.5hr commute each way that uses up 41% of my budget. If I could half the cost of my commute I could save the other half – £295 a month. That’s £3540 extra savings a year….

This all feels like a lot to achieve on a tight budget.

Wish me luck!

Do you have any financial goals for this year?

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