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2012 was a great year in regard to my wedding and honeymoon.  I had some great moments in 2012.  However, a large part of the year has been hard, and triggered my depression, leaving me feeling a little low, a little lost and a little exhausted (for little read a lot).

I have decided, however, that 2013 will be my make or break year.

I am going to restart my Obese – a year to save my life campaign.

I am going to use my making shed and allow myself to get creative.

I am going to bake because I enjoy it.

I am going to read.

I am going to create – knitting, crochet, fabric, gardening – I will make.

I am going to declutter the house and allow myself to find the space to breathe in my nest.

I am going to declutter my mind and work out the best way to get myself healthy.

I am going to challenge myself to make/repurpose/charity shop as many gifts as possible.

I am going to remind myself I am ok.  I am blessed.  I am loved.

I am going to ask for help when I need it.

I am going to demand cuddles at all times (watch out beloved).

I am going to relax.

I am going to sleep.

I am going to work on me.

My word for 2013 was going to be home, but I think that my first priority needs to be


Take care,


What will your word be?


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2 thoughts on “thoughts on 2013

  1. Good aims. I share virtually all of them with you. I wish you sucess and hope that I will be able to read along as you blog about it!

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