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2012, a review

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A year’s end brings the time to consider the past 366 days, and how they felt, what happened, and whether I have made the most of each and every one (normally, no). So let’s consider the year…


  • I started the year with credit card debts that I hated
  • and fractured my coccyx which meant 3 weeks of work
  • I enjoyed my time at home and becoming accustomed to our new house


  • I had problems with my mainland car and had to put £70 of oil into it as despite the Smart garage and the sales man looking at it, apparently it was fine – the practically flat tyres and 0 oil in the engine went unnoticed til beloved had a look in exasperation…
  • Later this month I wrote off my smart car by hitting a wild pony
  • which meant my credit card went sky high when I had to hire a car to keep me going to work.
  • but we did enjoy an amazing valentines day at our local family restaurant
  • and I went to Unravel in Farnham, which is my favourite knitting festival.


  • A reasonably sedate month with wedding dress fittings, ring shopping, and other bridal things
  • I also bought a new car, and had to take out a car loan.
  • we enjoyed mothers’ day
  • and I had yet another makeup and hair trial for the wedding
  • as well as a great course on how to make decorative doorstops


  • Always a busy month, it was
  • Easter
  • my sister-in-law’s birthday
  • my 30th!!!!
  • nephew’s birthday
  • beloved’s birthday
  • mum’s birthday
  • we had a wedding food tasting
  • and we went to Oxford for the weekend
  • Beloved changed jobs,
  • I had a job interview (didn’t get it)
  • and mum and I went to the Brockenhurst needlework fair


  • It started with my hen weekend doing ceramics, knitting and crochet over the bank holiday weekend
  • we also did our gift list for the wedding
  • our usher came down and all the boys including beloved stepson had suit fittings for the wedding.
  • I had an operation and was off work for 2 weeks,
  • Simon had his stag do over the second bank holiday weekend
  • and mum came and watched Eurovision with me


  • we discover that our photographer’s wife is due to give birth on our wedding day
  • and we celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee
  • we had a themed Olympics week at school
  • and I spent 4 days writing school reports.


  • School finished, but before that
  • I organised a school trip to the farm
  • I met Kirstie Allsopp who was filming for her latest series at my school (SQUEE!)
  • and we finally got married!

  • then went on honeymoon!


  • we visited Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest on honeymoon
  • and the rest of the summer I spent changing my name to Mrs….
  • and making wedding photo calendats
  • and wedding photo collages
  • and writing wedding thank yous
  • and taking delivery of gift list
  • and rewriting the school’s RE curriculum (YAY)
  • my niece turned 3
  • and apparently some sports’ event happened in London…


  • I went to a christening
  • and a Golden wedding party
  • we had board game night
  • and my brother had his birthday.
  • as well as restarting school in what would be rather a traumatic year


  • mum, my bestie and I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show
  • I got new glasses
  • we had family friends over for lunch
  • we carved a pumpkin with beloved stepson who designed it like usual
  • I went to the v&a costume exhibition
  • and the dentist decided I was starting to get bad teeth.  😦


  • beloved and I commemorated 5 years since meeting
  • I finished my christmas shopping
  • and weapped it
  • brother-in-law turned 35
  • and 2 of beloved’s best mates came down for the weekend


  • we went to see Starlight Express at the theatre – a real treat as we rarely go to the cinema, let alone the theatre
  • we had a fondue party with friends for her birthday
  • met a friend who has now moved away for coffee
  • survived the end of term madness
  • and nativity performance
  • hosted my first christmas to great success!

No wonder I am so tired…

How was your 2012?

Take care,



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