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Christmas is coming part 2!

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Since yesterday I just have to update you on progress!

Still need to:

  • collect and wrap last part of beloved’s gift to my brother,
  • buy stepson’s gift
  • make lavendar sugar for my work colleagues
  • have about 1.5hrs of wrapping to go (done 3 hours already!)
  • christmas cards to write and post (about 50)
  • 4 presents to post
  • persuade beloved to rescue decorations from the loft
  • specialist food is already ordered
  • finish list for final shop and book delivery slot
  • already bought crackers (as in cheese), a lemonade, earl grey tea bags (ooh such a treat!) choc biccies, cashew nuts, macademia nuts, things that we can afford now, will spread the cost, and will keep!
  • Puppini Sisters Christmas CD, Michael Buble Christmas CD, Rat Pack at Christmas CD and “Now that’s what I call Christmas!” CD are locked and ready to roll!
  • decide upon my christmas knitting project,
  • declutter some household items and sell or donate to those in need
  • bake some mince pies and cake
  • and put the kettle on!


Oh how I love the festive season, it makes me smile!

Take care,


PS – are you ready yet?


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