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Christmas is coming!



One month to go! 

I’m nearly there.  Need to:

  • sort beloved’s gift to my brother,
  • and stepson’s gift
  • have about 1.5hrs of wrapping to go (done 3 hours already!)
  • christmas cards to write and post (about 50)
  • 4 presents to post
  • decorations are ready to go up (once rescued by beloved from the loft)
  • specialist food is already ordered
  • I am working on list for final shop
  • already bought crackers (as in cheese), a lemonade, earl grey tea bags (ooh such a treat!) choc biccies, cashew nuts, macademia nuts, things that we can afford now, will spread the cost, and will keep!
  • Puppini Sisters Christmas CD, Michael Buble Christmas CD, Rat Pack at Christmas CD and “Now that’s what I call Christmas!” CD are locked and ready to roll!
  • just need to settle my christmas knitting project,
  • bake some mince pies and cake
  • and put the kettle on!


Oh how I love the festive season.

Take care,


PS – are you ready yet?


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2 thoughts on “Christmas is coming!

  1. i ADORE christmas! i’ve been listening to christmas music for weeks already and i’m seriously tempted to put the fairy lights up right now! must make more mince pies and get the gifts out to check them over – mostly all bought but need to make sure i can find them all from their hiding places!

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