not your average zoe

life, love and knitting



Things I could do:

  • Librarian (retraining)
  • school librarian (retraining)
  • Teach (er… Should probably have come to mind first…)
  • Art foundation (retraining)
  • Art therapy  (retraining)
  • Counselling (retraining)
  • Social work (retraining)
  • PhD (retraining)
  • Special needs teaching (some retraining)


Things I need to do:

  • Reduce my commute (less than a total of 3.5hrs a day)
  • Knit everyday (haven’t knitted since before half term)
  • Cook from scratch
  • Spend less money

double hmmm….

Take care


PS what’s on your to do list?


Author: Zoe

for more info see my all about me page! tweet @zoedidthat

2 thoughts on “thoughts

  1. i love teaching in the same area where i live. it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it does cut the commute!

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