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5 years ago

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5 years ago today I met beloved at a mutual friend’s birthday drinks.

Who’d have thought through all the ups and downs we’d get here now.

I knew we had an immediate connection.  I “rescued” him from a drunk at the bar, and when I touched his elbow and he looked at me it felt like that was it – almost like I time travelled into the future and knew we’d be soulmates, lovers, best friends and best of all – husband and wife.

5 years ago I had bought my flat 6 days before hand and my debts started to escalate.

5 years ago I was in a demanding, dispiriting admin job where people were slowly but surely chipping away at my self esteem

5 years ago I had just started to foster my yarny nature and discover higher priced, better fibre quality, better dyed yarn.

5 years ago I had more stuff than I could cope with and I couldn’t breathe somedays for the sheer am0unt of it all.

5 years ago I didn’t have a pet, a boyfriend, control, self esteem.

Now I have a husband who rocks my world and makes life not only better, not only worth living, but also makes my life fantastic, a gorgeous rabbit, a modicum of control and I’m working on the self esteem.


Thanks husband for being the turning point of my life, just 5 years ago.  I’m never going to let you go.



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