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random thoughts on stuff accumulation and decluttering

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  • I like putting the rubbish out – it makes me feel good that we’re getting rid of stuff.
  • I get a bigger kick when we put out more recycling than general waste. It’s my aim every week. We keep what we can re use, we recycle as much as we can and it’s pretty much hygiene waste, animal food waste (such as fats drained from mince) and plastic packaging we throw out. Sooo much plastic packaging!
  • I love giving a few bits and bobs to our local charity shops. I can’t afford to give much money, but I can give away stuff I don’t want or need and help them raise money that way
  • Most days I whinge about having too much stuff, only occasionally do I declutter and every item is a wrench
  • I hate that I keep stuff on the off chance I may need it in the future, but the occasional times this has happened I’ve been puffed up with pride all day.
  • I’ve started taking stuff to school to be used up or loved in a completely oblique unexpected way (e.g. beloved and I couldn’t figure out an own brand lego model – we are 33 and 30 respectively – a 4yr old at school made it immediately…)
  • I prefer things being neat and tidy, although if you looked round my nest you’d be surprised by that statement…

Do you have any random thoughts to add about “stuff”?

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