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£10 for 2 weeks challenge update


Further to my post about challenging myself to spend just £10 over 2weeks – here’s a little update…

On Monday 3rd I simply HAD to buy a pint of milk to get me through an exciting day planning the first week of school. 

Tuesday 4th I spent a whole 99p on a new circular hairbrush as after hunting high and low and even getting husband to help in the hunt, I must conclude that my old faithful hairbrush must have been decluttered at some point… Anyway, my new haircut means I now need to blowdry my hair before work (me? I know! 30 and finally fussing about my appearance, and having to do it at 5.40am!) and it’s not been hugely successful using my comb or fingers. Husband was very sweet saying it looked lovely, but I can tell the difference between the different attempts, firstly borrowing my mum’s and using none.

Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th – no spend days!  yes £0!!!  This is good good good!

Friday 7th – £1 spent on eggs – one of my TAs has hens and it’s £1 for half a dozen freshly laid that morning.  Bargainous.

5 day total= £2.49 spent, with £7.51 remaining.  I am more than a little chuffed with this.

So so far, I am feeling very restrained and in control. However, (is there always going to be a however??) I seem to be consistently obssessing about my £260 on my credit card and ways to get rid of it.  Now I am motivated to obliterate my debt and start saving massively for my future, it’s almost become a compulsion! Which in many ways is a good thing… I think I’ve run out of things to sell apart from yarn, but I’d have to sell 25skeins of special yarn and I don’t think I could bear to part with that much – and it’s probably my entire special yarn stash.

In random saving news though I have currently got £36 saved for the knitting & stitching show, and £91 saved for christmas food, decs and presents. So I can do it! I just need to do it more!

How are you making inroads into your debts and savings? Are you saving for christmas?

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2 thoughts on “£10 for 2 weeks challenge update

  1. aaarrrgghh! i just wrote a long comment and then the computer ate it all!
    in essence:
    1. hurrah for no spends!
    2. you’ve done so well with your credit card – keep going slowly and surely and you’ll make it – don’t stress and DON’t sell stash!!!!
    and 3. i think if you’ve got the right kind of aims and values that’s the important thing – they’ll play out differently in different stages of life and economic circumstances (eg we’re not really saving long term at the moment, which worries me a bit, but then i also know God has always been faithful to provide all we need, so we’ll get back to it when we can)

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