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Obese – a year to save my life, weigh in #4


This losing weight thing hasn’t quite started well for me.

I’ve been trying to lose weight off and on for 14 years, and yet again I am putting weight ON, rather than losing it. Another lb this week.

It makes me so cross and more than a little depressed.

Let’s hope being back at work makes me snack less…

Take care


PS – any weight loss tips?


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3 thoughts on “Obese – a year to save my life, weigh in #4

  1. I can relate! I have had to fight to keep my weight down all of my adult life. What can I say, I come from large stock 🙂 I have tried everything under the sun it seems. Two main things have worked for me. The first is to watch the calories. It’s important to have enough but not more than enough. The second is to cut out all sugar and all grains. Eat brown rice as it is not a grain. Try it for a week or two and just see what happens and how you feel. You will go through a craving stage but hang in there! It will pass. Consistency is a big part of weight loss too. If you do those two things PLUS walk for about 30 minutes per day you will see faster results. I sometimes add a little sugar into my diet on occassion if I am at a decent weight but I have to be careful as it triggers overeating. Same as grains. But that’s just me and the way my body works.

    • Wow great tips! I think I am an emotional eater, but I also get blood sugar migraines and I worry about getting them, so I have been known to graze too much. Nice to know we’re in this together! Thanks for your help! Zoe x

      • You are welcome! My husband has blood sugar issues too so I know what that’s like. He has to eat regularly or he gets headaches. I am an emotional eater too. We’ve been through a bunch of stress over the last couple of years. That’s when the eating really got crazy. I managed to gain 30 lbs in less than a year. I am on and off the wagon as far as eating goes but I do know what works. It’s sticking to it that is hard for me. I have been gluten/sugar free for 2 whole days! lol May not sound like much but the first few days is the worst. Keep me posted on your progress. I’m in the struggle with ya!

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