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I’m reblogging this to reiterate my commitment to it, now that it has started!

not your average zoe

I am sick of being me.

I am sick of being “morbidly obese”.  Have you ever heard such a utterly awful term?  It’s like being “satisfactory” for a lesson observation.  Devastating.

I have 7 stone to lose.

So I am pledging that, like on the Sky telly box, I am going to sort myself out.  1 year to sort my life out, versus the 30 I’ve lived, and 50 I hope to follow (minimum!).

1 year to commit to saving my life.

Starting the minute I get back from honeymoon.  6 August2012 – 5 August 2013.

Take care,


PS – what are you committing to?

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